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Nerzugal Role-Playing (aka Steven Williams) has come from seemingly out of nowhere (actually, he built a serious following on the Dungeon Masters Guild site before trying his luck on DriveThruRPG) to build a massive following among 5e fans looking for more good stuff to enhance their games. With the relative dearth of material coming directly from WotC, those making quality support stand a good chance of getting noticed, and this particular collection of dungeons, puzzles, and monsters is a favorite addition to the 5e DM’s library.

This is the second Toolkit I have created to help out Game Masters new and old for 5E. Similar to the first, you will find fully detailed dungeons and one-shot adventures, most of which can be dropped in any traditional fantasy world with minimal effort. This Toolkit also comes with 100 new monsters as part of Nerzugal’s Extended Bestiary with numerous unique creatures as well as expansions upon existing types such as centaur, kobold, ogre, orc, and even bullywug and includes beautiful artwork for 26 of these unique monsters! In all, the Toolkit contains 5 full dungeons, 5 one-shot adventures, 10 puzzles, 100 trinkets, and 100 monsters to help develop your world! 

The Toolkit was created with both novice and veteran game masters in mind, giving detailed guides and walkthroughs that are easy to follow and can be dropped into most settings. So if you are just looking for some new monsters to throw at your party or if you are someone who has always wanted to try GMing but were afraid to go at it alone, there is something for you within the Toolkit!

For a look at the contents of the book check the previews to see the Table of Contents, one of the dungeons included, and a few of the monsters from the bestiary. If you are interested in monsters but not necessarily in dungeons or one-shots, you can purchase just the monsters for half the price of the full Toolkit. 

The book was created using all black and white artwork except for the cover, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on critical content by choosing to buy the cheaper book option!


1.1. Uploaded a new HighQuality PDF that contains bookmarks to the major sections of the book

You can check out Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit for free on the DmsGuild. This Toolkit is twice as long and the quality and content has been greatly improved. As of the time this is going live, my first book has an average rating of 4.8 and is one of the all-time best selling products on the DMSGuild, so you know you are getting a quality product when Nerzugal is in the title!

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