Dien-Vek: An Ashelon Novella

My friend Carolyn Kay has a new book out, illustrated by the incomparable Chaz Kemp. She’s exceptionally talented, and the description is beyond intriguing –

“It’s a steampunk/fantasy story about an elven princess who travels to the mortal realm to find that Queen Victoria might not be the ally her people thought she was.” – Carolyn Kay.

The year is 1850 in the world of man. Fifty years ago, a comet crashed into the continent of Zorrovia, bringing destruction and a magical curse. Faerie glamour is no more. All of the fae folk—elves, trolls, goblins, gnomes, faeries and their kith and kin have been revealed to mankind. Now the mortals of Ashelon and the citizens of the Hidden Lands struggle to coexist. Galessel, Princess of the Elven court, is the newly appointed ambassador to Queen Victoria of Ashelon. She’s nervous about her new post, and curious to see for herself how the beings of the Hidden Lands are faring among the mortals. What she discovers leads her down a path that could change her world forever. Ashelon is a land where true steampunk is on display. These aren’t just pretty little Victorian tales. These are gritty stories about multi-cultural punks fighting against the establishment in an attempt to destroy Imperialism. Only one thing stands in their way: Ashelon’s Queen Victoria and the gods that are on her side.

Sean Patrick Fannon
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  1. Chaz Kemp March 7, 2017 9:31 pm  Reply

    Heya Sean! Thank you so very much for giving us this shout out! Incredibly cool of you and I hope that your fans will check out our new book. You sir, are an amazing individual, my friend.

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