Die for You – Sean’s Pick, 022817

Rose Bailey, well known for her work on Vampire and World of Darkness projects, has a new company – Fantasy Heartbreaker. She’s recently released a new project that deals with the kinds of supernatural-elements-meet-angst-and-relationships that folks like Joss Whedon and Toby Whithouse turned into television gold.

Dealing with an awkward crush on your werewolf housemate? Not sure whether a dead god will rise and ring in an era of unending horror before or after finals? Looking for a soulmate, and while you’re at it, your missing soul?

Then you want Die For You, the game of monsters and feels. Inspired by web series like Carmilla and TV shows like Buffy, Die For You provides simple rules that focus on what matters: your feelings, your weirdness, and in between them, your struggle to keep a handle on real life.

So register for classes or start looking for a job or prowl the night seeking the blood of the innocent! It’s all right here!

Rose Bailey is the longtime developer of Vampire: The Requiem and The Chronicles of Darkness for Onyx Path and White Wolf.

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