[WOIN] Universal Upgrades – Sean’s Pick, 022417

The What’s Old Is New (WOIN) system from EN Publishing gains more and more momentum, and this sci-fi oriented release helps that along as fans gain new races, new Exploits, and more for their science-fiction gaming.

Upgrade your sci-fi game!

This essential manual for sci-fi themed What’s OLD is NEW games introduces a range of new alien races, universal exploits, and advanced rules for your WOIN game. 11 new races, nearly 30 new universal exploits, and expanded rules for aging, making the most of your REPUTATION score, and more, make this an essential handbook.

Straight from the pages of EONS, the official magazine for the WOIN roleplaying game system.

Requires the use of a What’s OLD is NEW core rulebook.

Sean Patrick Fannon
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