The Gayle Reick Tip Jar – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams 020817

Gayle Reick is one of my dearest friends, whom I’ve loved and cherished for many years. She’s also the powerhouse behind all that Savage Mojo does, including the herculean task of getting the Shaintar Kickstarter done-and-done. Truth be told, Gayle’s always wanted to work in the gaming industry, and she’s sacrificed much to do so – and to do an amazing job, once she got there.

Unfortunately, she’s sacrificed too much. Now she needs our help, and I am calling upon all of you – especially those who’ve enjoyed SuzerainShaintar, or anything else Savage Mojo’s done – to step up, show your appreciation, and help a good person in some need.

Savage Mojo’s set up a Tip Jar to give fans a perfect opportunity to show their love to the woman who’s almost single-handedly kept the company and the Shaintar project alive when all forces arrayed against that outcome.

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