Fantasy Hero Complete – Patreon Pick, 020617

One of the options I’ve added to my Patreon is the chance for those supporting me to give a shout-out to one of their favorite game products. Here’s the first of those.

From Patreon supporter Rob Towell

I know you don’t work with Champions anymore. But I would love to see you consider Fantasy Hero Complete. It really is a good game and it boils down my favorite system into a size players can more easily digest. Combined with the Hero System Bestiary 6th Edition it can be used for long running campaigns in any fantasy genre. While I am admittedly a fan boy of the system I can admit it does not work very well for 1 shot games as character creation can sometimes take as long as an hour. The book is great for campaigns.

This book has the added bonus of having been written by my dear friend and respected colleague, Michael Surbrook.

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