Nickolas Temple’s Memorial – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams 020117

This extremely kind, gracious, and wonderful woman and her family have helped me and mine at a serious time of need. Now it’s time for me to help her in the wake of the loss of her husband. Four children lost their father, so anything you can give is gratefully received.

We suffered a staggering loss on Sunday, January 29th 2017, as Nickolas Temple, loving husband, father and amazing friend passed away.  

Nickolas was diagnosed with degenerative multiple sclerosis in 2010.  After many years of trying, the government would not approve his application for disability putting him and his loving family in a very difficult position.  

Nickolas had a profound impact on everyone he met and got to know.  He was an amazing person with a unparallelled charisma and imagination.   He will be deeply missed  and will continue to be an inspiration to all that knew him.  He created worlds out of nothing but his mind and set them forth for us to experience. 

I put this GoFundMe Page together to assist his wife, Rhona, and his daughters, Samantha, Aspen, Morgen, Amelia, and granddaughter Alice through their hardship and to help them take care of Nickolas’s final arrangements.  

You have our deepest gratitude for any donation provided.

– Tim

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