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I’ve been meaning to get back to my other Pick of the Day efforts, and this is the perfect one to return to Happiness, Peace & Dreams with. I know David Waters, have gamed and broken bread and shaved heads with the man. He and his family are wonderful… and they are suffering.

They are of our tribe, and his wife and child will need all the help we can give them ere he passes to the Great Adventure Beyond.


Our friend David has been part of the gaming community for a long time, and he and his family are in imminent need. For the last four years he has been undergoing treatment for an inoperable form of cancer known as GIST. However the cancer has stopped responding to treatment. David has always taken pride in caring for his family.  In late 2015 he retired after a long career in the military and federal government. Unfortunately, there was a devastating clerical issue with his retirement that has taken until now to be resolved, meaning that David and his wife Kim and their young daughter have been without that income or benefits for over a year. And while the paperwork is finally in process, nothing is resolved until the family makes back payments on over a year of insurance premiums.

Since the cancer has progressed beyond where doctors can treat it, David started hospice care recently. While he and his family spend this time together, his wife is not able to work as she cares for both David and their daughter, leaving the family with limited income. We want to do all we can to ensure their time together is as easy as possible, which in this case means helping them get over the financial hurdle of living and making the lump sum payment for the insurance premiums.

When you have a loved one in home hospice, it is an incredibly draining and surreal experience. Doing normal things like running errands or making a meal feel like running through sand. The only thing that matters is being together and taking care of your loved one. No family should have the added stress of wondering how they are going to pay their bills in a time like this.

Please help David and his family by spreading the word for this fundraiser, by creating a fundraising page, or by kicking in a few bucks to make their lives a bit less hard. Watch for a game day fundraiser event as well–more details as they become available on !

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