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Arguably one of the most popular ideas ever crafted for Pathfinder is the We Be Goblins franchise, wherein players are able to take on roles as members of the maniacal “lower race” and run amok. Anyone who’s been near a table at a con where someone’s running Kobolds Ate My Baby! (“All Hail King Torg!”) knows how much goofy fun folks have playing the small monster people you usually cleave through in fantasy games.

Now you’ve got your Savage Worlds version –

Fantasy games are filled with the magnificent exploits of mighty wizards, powerful warriors and god-fearing knights in armor.

Ours isn’t…

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is dedicated to the small grovelling races which scratch out an existence in the dark catacombs through which other heroes stride like unto gods. Can you survive as one of a lost culture of Goblins living in the abandoned tombs of a long forgotten empire?

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is a Savage Worlds compatible sourcebook allowing players and game masters to run a campaign revolving around low level goblin characters.

Inside you will find a detailed history of the Dark Hold campaign setting as well as new character classes and templates to use Goblins as player characters. There is also a short adventure to whet your whistle for the challenge of playing low level goblins in a world of high level dangers.

Are you up for it?

What’s Inside:

– A detailed history of the Dark Hold Campaign setting

– New character classes and templates to use Goblins as player characters

– New Edges

– New Creatures

– An exciting starting adventure… Goblin Faire!

– Crystal Smything

– 5 One Page adventures

…and much more!

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