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Evil Beagle Games did another thing – specifically, another Michael Surbrook Presents thing. Michael is one of those very special breed of game writers who delves mightily into research, especially where history is concerned. He’s a good friend and a top-notch creator who brings something special to every project. If you’re a DM ready to challenge your players’ preconceptions about some classic monsters and other creatures, this is the 5e supplement you need.

You’ve fought basilisks, dragons, manticores, and wyverns… but have you really?

History buff and accomplished game designer Michael Surbrook welcomes you to rediscover all the incredible monsters, beasts, and strange beings of the Medieval Age in a way you’ve never encountered them before. With deep research and completely re-engineered 5e mechanics that eschew “standard gaming” for “what were they believed to be like,” you and your mighty band of heroes might just find out that Old World imagined lion is far more frightening than that last standard hippogriff you tackled.

Then again, the Medieval hippogriff is far nastier, still!

From a short history of medieval beasts and monsters (and a look at the georgraphical world through European Middle Age eyes) to a thorough presentation of both magical monsters and mundane creatures, Here Be Dragons is a monster manual for the history fan in all of us. It’s also a powerful tool for any Dungeon Master looking to make the Old World all-new for players who think they know everything about the monsters they fight.

This is another in a series of products Evil Beagle Games is proud to bring you, from the creative and prolific mind and talents of Michael Surbrook. Look for many more useful, well-researched, and highly creative products from him in the future.

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