Shaintar Black Lantern Report: Dragon Cult – Sean’s Pick, 122616

Bringing it back, post-holidays, with this latest in the very-nearly-over March to the Finish of the Shaintar releases. One of the most dangerous factions in Shaintar is also one of the most mysterious, but this Black Lantern report lays bare some important details the heroes will need to prevent a fiery armageddon for the world.

The Dragon Cult! Feindish group dedicated to bringing Dragons (an unholy union between a Demon and a Fae) back to Shaintar to rule.

The report, written by Brother Shen who is embedded withing the cult tells of the “Wings” or cells of the cult, what those in charge are called and the tasks of The Breath, Scales, Fangs and other members are. Shen also provides details of the inner workings and goals of the cult and their mission to return Dragons to their rightful place as rulers of Shaintar with all others their slaves and food. Some new secrets are revealed as is the Headquarters of the the Cult, a city named Drak Tor.

There’s also a number of people detailed should you every go up against the Cult so the Lanterns know some of their strengths and weaknesses, including some new magic and gear. The intelligence reports provide other areas that may need to be investigated. We hope you enjoy this report and GMs find a number of ways ot incorporate the Dragon Cult into their games.

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