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Finally getting back to doing these, and this is an important and personal one for me. Nuala is a dear friend who’s had a great many unfortunate medical issues plaguing her path through life. She’s now facing a challenge many of you should understand – an emergency that took away from time at work, and no safety net to cover that loss of income. Now the spiral out of control is ahead of her; loss of time at work, loss of income, facing the loss of car and phone… which means more loss of work and income.

Please help if you can!


I had to have major kidney  surgery,  which severely impacted my income due to having to take so much time off work. I DID start working again last week, but it’s only a few hours at a time until my body gets used to being mobile again.

i am now in danger of losing my car and my phone  (both of which I need for work), and I need food too. 

Please help.  You have no idea how grateful I will be.

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  1. Rick December 14, 2016 3:47 pm  Reply

    Do you have a go fund me or some way for me to help you?

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