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The Godbound RPG is a d20/OSR romp that puts you in the role of nigh-deity scrambling to fix a shattered world where God no longer sits on the Throne. There’s a lot of fans delving into this post-apoc/divine war concept, and now we have some details about places to adventure… and perhaps conquer?

The dead are hungry in Ancalia.

For five long years, the nine terrible Night Roads have vomited forth horrors from beyond this world. For five anguished winters the people of Ancalia have been tormented by plague, corpse-horrors and Uncreated abominations. Now only scattered enclaves of desperate survivors remain amid this once-beautiful land. The last heroes of the golden past are guttering out in blood and despair, the last hopes of the nation falling away one after the other. Even the valiant royal knights and fiercely pious prelates of the Unitary Church can only prolong the nation’s death-agonies.

Yet the monstrous powers of the Uncreated Courts did not reckon with the Godbound. Unforetold by these dark lords and unfettered by the limits of mere mortals, these new heroes of the age have the power to avert Ancalia’s awful doom and the strength to forge a new destiny for a land long blasted by evil. They have the power to summon allies from among the fae Cousins, the scattered knights, and the hard-pressed survivors of Ancalia. They bear the Words that can shout down the terrible lords of the Uncreated Courts.

But will their power carve a path to glorious victory, or will they fall prey to the shadows of this ninefold-cursed land?

Ancalia: The Broken Towers is a nation gazetteer for the Godbound role-playing game (and its Free Edition). Within its 83 pages, you’ll find a host of tools and resources for fashioning mythic adventures and heroic challenges for a pantheon of shining demigods. Look within to find:

  • The history of Ancalia before the coming of the Night Roads and the Hollowing Plague, along with information on its governance, religion, and daily life.
  • Details on the blighted peninsula and its towns, strongholds, and cysts of unearthly evil.
  • The Five Families of Ancalian nobility and the transhuman gifts they’ve inherited from their Khamite ancestors, with rules for PC nobles.
  • The Uncreated that torment Ancalia, and the four titanic Uncreated Lords that rule over the Incendiary, Poxed, Rotting and Shackled Courts of abominable horror.
  • The grim Mercymen who seek to bring salvific death to the populace, and the fae Cousins who curse an unearthly lineage that cannot endure this duller, damaged age.
  • The Undead hordes that clot the streets of Ancalia’s broken cities and the monstrous Energumen who lead them.
  • The seven orders of Ancalian Knighthood and their heroic purposes, with notes for PC knights.
  • And the Sine Nomine Adventure Generators you know so well, tuned specially for generating challenges and situations fit for an undead-scourged, post-apocalyptic fantasy landscape.

So seize this book now! Whether a GM in need of a thick sheaf of horror to unleash upon your table or a player looking for backgrounds and struggles to fire your new-made Godbound, Ancalia: The Broken Towers will serve your glorious will!

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