Shaintar: Adept Orders & Citadels (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 102816

The inexorable march to completion of the Shaintar Kickstarter is now a sprint as books come flying out of Savage Mojo, and here’s the latest. Anyone interested in fantasy psionics, especially for Savage Worlds, should grab the Black Lantern Report: Adept Orders & Citadels.

The Adepts are a mysterious group. Originally following the Way as taught by the Dregordians, these people have an extreme control over their own minds and bodies. Some few, such as some members the Warrior-Adepts of the Jade flame can attack others mind to mind, or influence them subtly. Other orders focus on the balance between mind and body.  The Farspeakers guild also draws its numbers from the Adepts’ numbers.

In this book, you’ll learn about the various orders, find out where most of the Citadels are located and finally be told about the black Orders that work as mercenaries for anyone no matter the task – even if it means working with slavers and the like. You’ll also find new gear, power edges, edges, Adept disciplines and read some rumors that might need to be investigated.

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