Dungeons for the Master – Sean’s Pick, 102716

Sometimes, a gamer creates a bunch of great stuff for his own purposes. His friends see it and say “You should totally share that!” Those of you who love dungeons are very fortunate that Matt Davids of Dicegeeks is one of those folks. Behold – 177 Dungeons for the Master.

Never Get Caught without a Dungeon Map

Your players now want to explore the ruins you mentioned in an offhand remark. Don’t worry. With this ebook of maps, you’ll have an exciting dungeon ready to go before your players can open the Doritos bag or check Facebook.

Game masters never get caught without a dungeon map ever again. Never worry about your players straying from the main adventure. Always have a dungeon ready to go. 

This PDF includes:

  • 100 hand-drawn original dungeon maps. These maps will only be available in this PDF. 
  • Unique dungeon names to get your creativity flowing. 
  • A comprehensive 1D100 table of dungeon encounters. Have characters fall into fiery pits, not cliches. 
  • Plus, all the maps I have ever posted on my blog or included in free products. The total number of dungeon maps is 177!

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