Shaintar: Mage Guilds & Schools (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 101816

The last of the Shaintar books for the Kickstarter are flowing out of Savage Mojo, and this one covers the various guilds, schools, and other organizations that practitioners of the sorcerous arts gather under for knowledge, understanding… and other purposes. This is the Black Lantern Report: Mage Guilds & Schools.

Meet the irrepressible Brenna McIntyre, senior student of the School of Seven Stars and Brother Spark of the Black Lanterns.

Given that our Brother is in a place of magic, he chose to err on the side of caution and not file his reports in the normal way. Instead, she sends letters home to her “parents” and other family with no one the wiser that the family she writes too is us. Her reports seem innocuous but she’s provided us a great deal of information on the names and locations of these schools along with the types of magic you’ll likely find being practised.

She’s also provided us with the names and abilities of several of her teachers along with a number of new spells, applications and items that an up and coming sorcerer can use to remember certain types of spells better or enhance one of their senses or abilities.

You’ll find what you need to develop a history for a character or NPC  that includes these schools, what a person would study there and how their days are structured. You’ll also find some new magic items, gear, edges, powers, spells and applications too.

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