Clement Sector: The Rules (Traveller) – Sean’s Pick, 101716

Been a lot of talk online about this Traveller variant, featuring a new sci-fi setting gaining in popularity called the Clement Sector. Now they’ve released a core book that stands as its own game, blending core Traveller design with their own Cepheus Engine (effectively, a refined retroclone of the classic rules). As the buzz increases, now’s a good time to check it out in this era of renewed interest in sci-fi RPGs.

Join the adventure as Clement Sector, one of the most popular and fastest growing science fiction settings, expands with its own rulebook!  Using a unique blend of The Cepheus Engine and the 2d6 Science Fiction OGL rules, Clement Sector: The Rules builds on those to create a framework for action packed role-playing game excitement!

Fight epic space battles!  Explore new worlds!  Become a pirate!  It’s all possible in Clement Sector and these rules provide the foundation for your exploits!

Use these rules for your own settings or, in concert with The Clement Sector Core Setting Book, strike out on an adventure in the Clement Sector setting.  It’s in your control!

Be sure to look out for the Clement Sector Core Bundle which gives you these rules, The Clement Sector Core Setting Book, and The Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture at a 20% discount to the everyday price.  

Join the adventure!  Don’t get left behind!

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