Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel (The YouTube Broadcast)

Heya, folks! As most of you know, this past weekend, on October 9th, I ran the biggest Big Epic Game of my life.

If you’d like to look through the vidcast of this, here it is. Note that audio starts a 05:50, but there’s a lot of time catching up on set-up, etc.. The “official” start is at 52:11.

The Heroes of the Battle of Camondel, who I thank from the depths of my heart for their acts of courage in the game, and beyond.

Athrate Alystar (Howard Brandon) – Sergeant Major of the Grey Rangers, orphaned and raised by the Church of Light as a priest and paladin, known for executing extremely dangerous missions and emerging threats with a high degree of discretion.

Bahiya bint Al’Shams (Ben Keeler) – Light-Blessed Priestess of Raz-Dash, Emissary of the Desert Princes, Scourge of Heretics.

Bayanai the Banal Wanderer (Matthew Dimalanta) – Mysterious Offspring, distant from the world… but determined to see the machinations of the Merchant and his ilk undone, at all costs.

Cairos (Josh Weber) – The millennia old Archmage, willing to endure everything to bring back everyone.

Chiron (Richard Higbee) – Ambassador from the Elven Council, youngest of the ascended faelakar, archmage, not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to aiding or protecting the younger races.

Damon Severance (Aaron Acevedo) – Bishop of the Church of Light, former Cardinal of the Prelacy, master of strategy and intelligence work for his new church.

Drufus (Scott Crosson) – Archer, tactical specialist, and wearer of a mysterious artifact hat with a special history. Talented, courageous, and stylish, Drufus is a welcome surprise for the allies of Light and Life.

Erasmus Flint (Raymond Greer) – The often underestimated, highly connected plotter, planner, and schemer who knows how to get heroes to go far beyond heroics to do the impossible! (Secretly Brother Mantlett, the Black Lantern’s agent in the field)

Erta Wanderer (Benjamin Boardwell) – Tubby Dregordian fencer, merchant lord. friend to all, and founder of Sog’s first criminal rehabilitation center.

Felosia Naïlo (Chris Parks) – High Druid of the Phoenix Moth Grove and Practitioner of the Unusual, Felosia is the bane of enemy plans and boon to allied efforts.

Gunther (Jessica Willow) – Olaran crossbow expert and silent warrior against the forces of Darkness and Flame. The worst nightmare of enemy commanders.

Jennifer of Thornwood (Marian Waldman) – 6th Company of the Silver Unicorn, Knight Commander of the Order of the Silver Rose, chosen of Archanon, beholden to no mortal power.

Juliette LeFleur (Carinn Seabolt) – Master fencer, consummate spy, child of many worlds, and “Brother Breeze” to many of the Society.

Kaedan (Katherine Strasser) – Aevakar sorcerer who left home in search of adventure with friends as a youth only to find himself embroiled in the conflict between Light and Darkness, Flame and Life.

Kassegore, the Beast (Daniel Wong) – Once considered only a mindless berserker, now proven a deadly capable tactician, leading an elite mercenary army – whether as a liberator or a destroyer remains to be seen.

Krazkar (Ross Watson) – The would-be King of Thieves, sidetracked time and again with aiding the Grey Rangers. Krazkar spent a great deal of time on the front lines and behind the scenes in the struggle against Camon. Incredibly lucky and one of the finest fencers in the land, he is known as an enforcer and right-hand-man to the mysterious underworld figure known as “Zebediah Stone.”

Sable (Craig Henson) – One of a long line of Danatarans to bear the mantle of this Special Agent of the Crown of Galea.

Ta’Or Challa (Mike Anthony Lythgoe) – a Korindian master of the Way of Kor, honorable and devoted Grey Ranger, committed to the protection of the innocent and holding the unjust accountable.

Vhen the White (David Forby) – Snow Leopard Brinchie orphan, Kor-In Master, clawless orphan, and humble Grey Ranger, bearer of the Flute-Staff, and hero of the Battle of Chimeara’s Tower.

The Vrrll (Charles Jones) – Powerful, ogre-sized brinchie-like and immortal servant of the Silver Unicorn, often arriving at the most dire and important times.

Woundrouys (Michael Satran) – Courageous and flamboyant Korindian master of martial arts, applying equal measures of humility and brazen daring at the risk of life and limb.

Zebadiah Stone (Donavin Santini) – Accidental criminal mastermind, founder of the Stonewright Guild (“Building a better future, one Stone at a time”), secret alter ego to the Priest of Light Salvator DeMartis when he needs to wander the dark places of the criminal underworld.

We must also thank Alida Saxon, Rob Towell, David Vibbert (aka Cedrus, Left Hand of the Patriarch), James Olexa (aka the Mysterious Lord Velkalar, ally of the Prelacy), Rae Ramirez, Annabel Bugg, Ruben Rivera (aka Murvoth the Mighty), Shawn Gustafson, Erin Barnard (aka Weega Ratstabber), Scott Field, Ross Winn (aka “The Mysterious One-Eyed Old Man”), Chelvanaya Gabriel (aka Captain Venna), Paul Wilcox (aka Elindur), Timothy Baker, David Espinosa, Max Battcher (aka Skeiron), Brett Smith(aka Thaleon), Gail Seidenberg, Elizabeth Burnside, James Dillon, Janice Kuschner, Shawn and Andy Parker, Logan Goolsby, and of course, the leader of “Team Ed,” who helped manage the day and the effort, Ed Doolittle!

Hail the Heroes of Shaintar, and Hail the Warriors Who Stand with the Mighty T!

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