Epic Battle for Shaintar and the Mighty T! – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams, 100416

In three days, heroes of many eras of Shaintar gaming gather at the Silver Unicorn Pub to execute their plans, engaging in “Enterprises and Undertakings” to prepare for a battle to save the world from a pantheon of power-mad gods.

In four days, gamers from all around Denver gather for 24 hours of gaming at Total Escape Games, all part of the Thanksgaming 2016 event to raise money for the Mighty T and her family as they battle the dark threat of cancer.

In five daysdozens of heroes from all over the world gather at the Nighthawk Brewery for the Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel, joining forces against the Prelacy of Camon and those same mad gods to save Shaintar and the world of Starfall – and to raise even more money for the Mighty T!

You can be a part of this. Read all about it at this page. Be ready to watch on YouTube on October 9th, and be a part of one of the biggest Big Epic Games ever attempted.


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