Treasure of the Broken Hoard (5e) – Sean’s Pick, 092716

I don’t know if all of my 5e readers know this, but the slew of official adventures coming out of WotC’s Adventurers League, normally only available to play at conventions, are being released via the Dungeon Masters GuildShawn Merwin kindly let me know about this one –

“Previously only available at conventions, this adventure is now for sale on the DM’s Guild. It is the first Adventurers League adventure in the Storm King’s Thunder storyline. The adventure consists of 5 mini-adventures for 1st and 2nd level characters. Each mini-adventure is meant to be playable in 60-90 minutes, and it both introduces players to the Storm King’s Thunder storyline and acts as an introduction for players new to D&D.”

A famous relic hunter seeks adventurers to help her find caches of treasure hidden by the now-defeated followers of the Cult of the Dragon.

Her maps and notes may lead the way to great wealth—or a terrible death.

And do other parties have designs on the treasure as well?

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  1. Shawn September 28, 2016 12:21 am  Reply

    Thanks Sean! Just so people are aware, all of Adventurers League content is available on the DM’s Guild, even from previous seasons and storylines. And you don’t need to play Adventurers League to enjoy it. You can just download it and run it for your home campaigns.

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