Shaintar: The Burning Heart (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 092616

We seem to have lost track what year it was exactly (the current guestimation is 2008). I put together one of those Big Epic Game ideas – like I’ve been talking about lately – for the one-two punch that is Origins and Gen Con. I ran “intro scenarios” at Origins – traditional team-based adventures that led into the Shaintar heroes discovering what “The Burning Heart” was all about. I ran more at Gen Con, with the grand finale featuring a room full of players at multiple tables, all fighting hordes of monsters and bad guys and, ultimately, facing off with a dragon*.

Luminaries like Miles Kantir, Scott Haring, and Ross Watson were part of that amazing event, and folks still talk about it today. In fact, it’s the bar I set for myself for Big Epic Games, and it’s the bar I am trying to exceed with The Final Crusade.

And now, Savage Mojo has released the official version of that adventure, so GMs can have their own groups play out the most over-the-top scenario I ever crafted for Shaintar.

A Legend in the Making. Back in 2008 (we think) Sean Patrick Fannon ran a series of games over the course of several conventions with larger games at that years Origins and an Epic finale during Gen Con.  This EPIC Event has been written into a full adventure that GM can really sink their teeth into. It starts wtih two legends and a twisted plan by agents of Ceynara in a bid to gain her return to the land.

From the mists of time, there are weapons that are rumored to be the first made of white silver. The spirit of Shaintar gave her blessing to these 4 or 5 first weapons and they are rumored to have the ability to kll or banish Dragons – or so Legend says. This adventure was taken from the notes of the original proposal. Its not the same as much has been updated and rewritten to incorporate some new material but that flair you expect from SPF is there along with some fun twists and turns.

Your heroes have the opportunity to become movers and shakers in the war effort. There’s much to be done and High Command has a number of battles planned for your group. Do they have what it takes to thwart Ceynara’s evil plan? Find out and have fun with this full adventure complete with fully realized NPCs, Monsters and Villains in the back half of the book.

(*) – I’ll never forget the sheer excitement and dread that filled the room as I had “Big Red” fly across the room and take perch at the final battle site.

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