Bloodshadows 3rd Edition – Sean’s Pick, 092316

Think Harry DresdenCast a Deadly Spell, and The Shadow rolled into one exquisite mix, and you’re playing Bloodshadows. One of the best games to come out of West End Games back in the day, this third edition has some great talent, including the inestimable Ed Stark, involved.

It’s a Mean Old World Out There 

The spellslinger upstairs conjures too loud.
The guy down the hall drinks blood from a six-pack.
That stiff you left in the alley is walking again.
The undead factory workers are on strike.
Your client skipped town before paying.
And your landlord is looking for his rent.

Bloodshadows combines pulp adventure with dark fantasy and noir stylings. Tough detectives in weathered trenchcoats swap biting comments with vampires in evening gowns. Humans walk the dark streets of the city alongside demonic breeds and long-dead ghouls. Magic is everywhere, even if just to light a cigarette. Death waits around every corner–undeath sometimes follows. The Wilderness holds even more danger, kept at bay only by city gates and those who patrol them. It’s a dark, brooding world filled with shadows and wonders. 

This is a complete roleplaying game that utilizes an easy to learn system, which is also versatile and quick-playing. All the rules needed to create characters, resolve conflicts, cast spells, and design fantasy-noir adventures are included. Featuring:

  • 16 player species, ranging from Humans and half-breeds to shifters and undead.
  • 8 schools of magic that anyone can learn, including 194 spells (plus 15 cantrips that are commonplace).
  • 5 theories of magic that characters can use to create their own new spells.
  • Optional rules like bleeding, grittier health, and alternate magic feedback help customize the game to your needs.
  • Use experience to increase the odds, better resist damage, or introduce new subplots (optional)
  • Use exploits to enhance your success, like increasing damage or affecting multiple targets.
  • Look for clues, use your connections, and give chase in the streets on foot, horseback, or by car.
  • Conversion notes from genreDiversion i/Ghostories/Mean Streets, Bloodshadows Classic/MasterBook, and Pacesetter System™ (Cryptworld™, Majus™, Rotworld™). Use with Active Exploits for Diceless play.
  • PDF background layer can be turned off for faster and cheaper home printing.
This stand-alone game is powered by Precis Intermedia’s critically-acclaimed genreDiversion™ Third Edition Rules, requiring only two 6-sided dice and can be played with or without miniatures.

Note: this includes the same content as the softcover version.

“Solid book… this is a tight, impressive update. Presentation feels very fantasy-noir (and crisp and legible), and comprehensive. This is probably my favorite [genreDiversion] book… The [Ghostories], Mean Streets and Cryptworld adaption notes really broaden the possibilities.”

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