Nocturne (13th Age) – Sean’s Pick, 090816

Today’s Pick is from my friends at Savage Mojo*. They’ve delved into 13th Age as a supported game system with this gothic fantasy setting, a project Darren Pearce and other passionate creators felt deserved rescuing after a nearly-failed Kickstarter. Rescuing is, in fact, Savage Mojo’s specialty, as I can personally attest, and this is a great thing they’ve done here, and it’s all part of the Suzerain Continuum.

Meet Frankenstein’s monster with a vorpal sword… welcome to the realm of Dark Fantasy, and Gothic Horror for 13th Age!
Within a twisted realm shaped by the malignant power of The Nightfall, your adventure comes to life using the Archmage Engine to explore the many lands of the realm. These lands are as varied as the denizens themselves, taking the place of traditional 13thAge Icons: good against evil, order against chaos, tyranny against freedom… but at every stage the lines are blurred.

Nocturne is a 13th Age product, but also part of Savage Mojo’s Suzerain campaign setting, fitting neatly with the many realms of the Continuum. 

For Players Nocturne provides:

* New options for adventurers: several custom classes such as the mysterious Bloodshire Slayer. * New races: the vampire, werebeast, and sallowfolk.
* New equipment such as the diving suit for The Churn, so you can explore the mysterious depths of this watery “land”. Alternatively, there’s the fire sword, a non-magical item of ingenious technology which draws fuel from a reservoir in the handle.
* New magic items such as Daemonic Wings, allowing your hero to fly. However, this is Nocturne and such magic comes with a price!

For GMs Nocturne provides:

* A complete dark fantasy setting with tones of gothic horror, steampunk, clockpunk, and more. Every land of Nocturne is detailed, with maps, and packed with story hooks to spin adventures galore.
* A dozen new Icons for your players to discover, twisted beings pulled here by The Nightfall. They rule the lands but battle in opposed pairs for control.
* A complete campaign, in the style of Savage Mojo’s award-winning Suzerain setting. 
* A whole slew of side quests, short adventures to slot between the main beats of your gaming group’s grand adventure.
* A sandbox of ideas to use in the Nightfall realm, or to incorporate in your own campaign world.

Welcome to Nocturne. The Nightfall is but a breath behind; if you have the courage and strength, you might just survive for one more day.

(*) – In case it’s not been made abundantly clear in other places, I’ve never once claimed that I am a “journalist” or a “reviewer.” I Pick stuff and talk about stuff online to share things I think are worthy of your attention. I help my friends and colleagues – as well as creators I know nothing about – promote their efforts and get in front of gamer eyeballs in the sea of content that rolls across the Internet shores. I feel it would be unethical of me, as a creator and publisher myself, to ever post an official review or critique of another publisher’s or creator’s works**. To me, news is a matter of perspective, and sharing information you didn’t know counts as “news” in a very broad sense. At the same time, I am no news reporter, investigative journalist, or any other such thing. I am a communicator, sharing what I care to share. And, yes, I use Affiliate links in order to earn a little more money for myself and my family. I’ve never once hidden that fact. It’s not “Payola,” as the creators and publishers do not pay me for that.

Thanks for your support and your understanding.

(**) – I’ve crossed that line in a couple of instances, where I considered something egregious and bad taste, but I try not to.

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