Super Dave Raines and The Big Show

Heya, folks! Something I am getting involved with here in the Rocky Mountain area that I wanted to share with you all – The Big Show, and it’s related channels, the Big Show Cosplay Channel and the Big Show Games and Tech Toys Channel. They want to become a network and media outlet for all things geeky in the Rocky Mountain area, which is one of the geekiest places I’ve every known (and, as most of you know, where I live now).

Check out the interview I did with them while at Tacticon this weekend!

I’ve met and been hanging out with some great folks, including Super Dave Raines, Jeremy Broadwell, and the stunning and enticing High Priestess of Nerd (AKA Bobbi Forester), and I am looking forward to helping them develop this into some serious fun and informative and entertaining stuff!

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  1. Super Dave Raines October 11, 2016 1:03 pm  Reply

    Thank you Sean!

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