Prison of the Dragon God (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 082416

Savage Worlds is known as a system that can handle anything, but it’s important to note that, right down to the name of the thing, it’s roots run deep into pulp adventure territory. The folks at Polish publisher GRAmel get that, and they’ve started putting out a lot of product that really plays on the strengths of the game. If you’re keen to get your pulp-era action on, here’s a great place to do it.

Welcome to Bailongan, jewel of the southern seas. There are secrets here, from the nefarious Sky Pirates preying on the helpless, the strange jellyfish people, nefarious Imperial Japanese forces under the mystical Black Dragon Society – and the volcano hides a secret darker still. Will your heroes discover the mystery of the Prison of the Dragon God?

This pulp adventure for Savage Worlds contains enough setting material and story hooks to be an introduction to a pulp campaign of your own, where your players will explore the exotic island of Bailongan, or it could be a standalone adventure for a group of four pre-generated characters.

Japanese cults, ancient alien gods, flying mutated giant jellyfish witches – all this awaits your players.

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