Everyverse RPG – Sean’s Pick, 082316

Sadly, we’ve lost more than a few – too many, in fact – really good people from our ranks. The designer of this “Rosetta Stone” universal RPG system, Dennis J. Parizek, is one of those who went on to the Great Next Adventure, and his wife, Debra, continues to uphold his legacy with her efforts to share his vision with the rest of the gaming world. This is me, helping her with that worthy task, and sharing an interesting take on the “One System to Play Them All.”

EVERYVERSE RPG is the COMPLETE role-playing game. It features:

  • As You Like it: 5 methods of character generation
  • Standard Distribution: Uses the same scale as used in measuring real-world IQ for more meaningful information at a glance
  • Cascades: tree-like arrays of skills from general to specific
  • The Attempt: a single method to resolve all outcomes. Lets you keep your nose out of the book
  • System Conversion: Convert from any other gaming system to EVERYVERSE RPG

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