Prince Valiant Storytelling Game – Kickstarter Pick, 080416

Every time the Grand Master, Greg Stafford, plays with knights and castles in the RPG sandbox, he seriously classes up the place. This is a fantastic idea, one that will stir nostalgia for many of us, and the imaginations of our kids.

An elegant RPG by Greg Stafford for players both young & old based on the thrilling stories & gorgeous artwork by Hal Foster.

Outstanding for both beginners and experienced players, Prince Valiant® The Storytelling Game is a roleplaying game set in the Arthurian world of Hal Foster’s masterpiece comic strip. The game is by world-renowned game designer Greg Stafford (Runequest, King Arthur Pendragon). Like the majority of Greg’s games, the original edition of this game released in 1989 was published by Chaosium, Inc.

This storytelling game features deliberately simple mechanics to make it more accessible to younger players. The ease of play allows players to cooperate and enjoy the social activity of collectively creating a story, a pastime made easier as players take turns as the Storyteller.

Hal Foster’s comic strip has been praised for its art, story, historicity, and humanity. Prince Valiant and the other characters are brought to life through Foster’s storytelling and stunning artwork. Greg Stafford vividly communicates the wonder and adventure of Prince Valiant® in this new edition of his storytelling game, and players of the game find themselves continuing the traditions of the oral storytellers of old.

The new Prince Valiant® The Storytelling Game is a significant improvement over the original B&W softcover. The new edition is hardcover and notably, Hal Foster’s amazing artwork will appear in color. The entire rulebook will be full color! We’re adding an insane number of Foster’s amazing illustrations.

The text is also being updated. Though the game is already designed to be accessible to a wide variety of players, it nevertheless contains some portions that will be modernized.

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