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We open this week with the latest offering from the dark fantasy realm of Shadow of the Demon Lord. If you really want to play someone facing the challenges of maintaining true faith in a world that does everything it can to squash belief in a greater good (or revels in the paths of unholiness), here’s the book for you.

The Secrets of the Gods Revealed!

For as long as humankind has lived on Urth, people have looked outside themselves for explanations of why they exist and what purpose they ultimately serve. They find the gods in the sky, in the earth, and even in the creatures around them. Uncertain Faith delves into the secrets of the major cults found in and around the Empire, providing players and Game Masters alike with new information to realize these organizations in play. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The Old Faith, including eight sects devoted to the Old Gods.
  • The Honored Dead of the Dwarfs
  • Witchcraft
  • The Cult of the New God
  • The Dark Gods of Blood and Iron
  • A variety of lesser religions, including the cults of the Demon Lord
  • An assortment of new spells
  • Thirteen new relics
  • An adventure for novice characters

The information contained in this supplement brings to life the cults and religions described in Shadow of the Demon Lord, giving you everything you need to serve or oppose these powerful institutions. Do you have the faith to face the gods? 

Return to the days of yesteryear as Gareth Skarka and Adamant Entertainment bring you even more Thrilling Tales for Savage Worlds! The latest titles in this category are all created for Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition.

Adamant Entertainment is proud to have gotten our THRILLING TALES pulp line for Savage Worlds back up to speed again! Here are the most recent three releases, all from within the past month!

More coming soon, including: More Pulp Villains, more adventures, and a little something we’re calling Thrilling Tales Theater! Stay tuned…


A different sort of HPD post today. My buddy, Bill Maxwell, is looking for a small press publisher – specifically one interested in urban fantasy. So this is me, using my SPOD reach, to see who in the world who reads me can suggest one or more publishers taking submissions these days.

I rather suspect there’s a lot of fellow writers out there who would appreciate the answer. Post away in the comments of wherever you’re reading this!

The Bad Boys of Gaming are back in a new adventure! Only Dead Gentlemen can bring you this level of absurd and imaginative comedy about tabletop roleplaying with this level of quality.

“I wanna steal his pants!” The classic tabletop gaming comedy returns for an all-new adventure, based on Matt Vancil’s THE GAMERS.

We’re funding the 45-minute pilot episode of a comedy about tabletop roleplaying games, based on Matt Vancil’s cult classic THE GAMERS. Preview Season 0!

 “I backstab him with a ballista.” – Nimble, the Thief

“Someone finally understands us.” – Gamers at every convention ever

Fifteen years ago, Dead Gentlemen Productions introduced the world to Matt Vancil’s comedy about tabletop roleplaying gaming where the heroes were ordinary people playing the game that we all love. They were sympathetic, funny, and real. Nobody had ever seen anything like it…

…and we’ve been telling stories in that world ever since!

At the end of THE GAMERS, fantasy stereotypes Rogar, Nimble, Newmoon, and Ambrose… sorry, “Magellan”… accidentally stepped through a portal into our world, where they defeated their own players. They’ve been stuck here ever since, without direction or purpose. Until now.

A new gaming group has uncovered the group’s old character sheets and the original GM’s campaign notes. Now, the new players will set out to finish the story of the original Gamersas our heroes…

  • encounter minions of The Shadow who have infiltrated our world
  • search for a portal back to Fartherall
  • apply a dose of fantasy justice to evildoers across the multiverse

Cutting back and forth between the players at the table and the game, this first episode abuses line-of-sight rules, wrestles with grappling tables, and explores what happens when retro gaming meets sophisticated rules lawyers and when fantasy-world characters try to defeat modern villains.

Featuring the returning talents of Nathan Rice (Newmoon), Justin McGregor (Magellan), Phil M Price (Nimble), and Matt Shimkus (Rogar), we are also proud to introduce a new group of players:

  • Megan – Anna Clausen, the gamemaster
  • Zach – Jay Irwin, Rogar’s player
  • Charlie – Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Newmoon’s player
  • Jamie – Magellan’s player (currently casting)
  • Brad – Nimble’s player (currently casting)

Plus a special appearance from Russell Hodgkinson (Z-NATION) as The Professor.

But this isn’t just a show about the original film, THE GAMERS. While this series can stand entirely on its own for new gamers and fans to enjoy, it is also the next part of the meta-story, a saga that we’ve been telling for fifteen years. This series runs concurrently with the events of THE GAMERS: HANDS OF FATE and leads directly into THE GAMERS 4, which will conclude the adventures of Joanna, Lodge, Cass, Gary, and Leo. 

If you’re a hardcore Gamers fan, this is where we lay the final pieces into place for the explosive GAMERS 4 finale. In this show we’ll uncover The Shadow’s mysterious agenda, explain the link between Fartherall and our world, and reveal secrets and connections that we set up in THE GAMERS and DORKNESS RISING. In other words, the pay-off begins! 

The release of a certain film’s revived a huge interest in comedy-action-paranormal stuff, and this fun bit of gaming from Fat Goblin Games is a fine example.

Ghost Hunting was never so much fun! Welcome to the exciting world of Vs. Ghosts!

Using the VsM Engine created by Philip Reed!

vs. Ghosts is a roleplaying game in which players suit up to battle strange hauntings in their neighborhoods while dealing with the mundane non-believers that try to prevent you from doing your job. Be it hotels, art museums, or even the classic haunted house, ghosts need busting and to be contained. This book contains everything that you and your friends will need to play. All you need are friends and two decks of normal playing cards!

– Quick Start Rules to get you in the game in a flash!

– Bestiary of strange ghosts and other haunts to hunt!

– Plenty of adventure hooks to get you on your way to Ghost Hunting fame!

So, whom do you call when things go bump in the night? Ghost hunting with vs. Ghosts will make you feel good!

I very fondly recall sitting on the floor at a convention with the inestimable Keith Baker, playing one of the first iterations of this delightfully twisted and highly innovative game. I was utterly charmed by the narrative conceit and blown away by the extremely clever mechanics of selectively-transparent cards overlaid on one another to change character conditions. This is a Kickstarter I am truly behind, and very excited about the digital version of this game being made available.

In Gloom your goal is sad, but simple: Make your freakish family suffer the greatest tragedies possible.

We’re on Kickstarter today to help spread the Gloom from your table top to your screen! 

Gloom, the award winning card game designed by Keith Baker and published by Atlas Games, has seen tremendous success as a physical card game, and with your help we intend to continue that success in Gloom: Digital Edition. Exploding with character and style, the denizens of Gloom are simply begging to be brought to life (so you can kill them)!

This campaign is to help fund the digital PC adaptation of the core set of Gloom: Second Edition along with the Unhappy Homes Expansion Pack. The game will support online multiplayer as well as a single player mode against AI.  If this campaign is successful, tablet editions for Windows, Android, and iOS devices will be developed after the release of the PC version.

In Gloom, you assume control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes. The goal of the game is sad, but simple: you want your Characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death. 

You’ll play horrible mishaps like Pursued by Poodles or Mocked by Midgets on your own Characters to lower their Self-Worth scores, while trying to cheer your opponents’ Characters with marriages and other happy occasions that pile on positive points. When one of your family members finally suffers an Untimely Death, that Character and all of the tragic circumstances that led up to his demise are set aside until the end of the game. 

The game ends the instant an entire family is eliminated. Each player then totals the visible Pathos points on each of his own dead Character cards to get their Self-Worth scores, and then adds these scores together to get his total Family Value. The player with the lowest total Family Value wins! 

Misery loves company, and if you love Gloom like we do, you just want to share it with the world. Now with Gloom: Digital Edition, you can! Want to share you misery with your old pen pal in Pennsylvania? Or maybe you prefer sharing your Gloom with complete strangers. 

No matter who you choose to share your sorrows with, Gloom: Digital Edition wants to make your darkest dreams come true!  The game will support online multiplayer and single player against AI.

Can you hear the dwarves singing in Bilbo’s home, lamenting the long absence from their ancestral halls?

Erebor – the Lonely Mountain!

Erebor the Lonely Mountain is a supplement for the award-winning The One Ring Roleplaying Game describing iconic Middle-earth location – The Lonely Mountain, object of Bilbo’s quest and home to the dwarves of Wilderland.

Offering a detailed description of new regions to explore, characters to meet and activities to undertake, Erebor also describes Dale, City of Bells, recently rebuild by King Bard and home to the Bardings.

And much more! This is an invaluable resource for players and gamemasters alike. And with two new playable cultures this is a must-have purchase for all One Ring players.

Erebor – The Lonely Mountain features:

• A comprehensive guide to iconic Middle-earth location The Lonely Mountain, it’s places, characters and things to do.

• A detailed guide to the city of Dale, it’s notable locations and characters and things to do.

• A detailed guide to the surround area around Erebor and Dale

• Rules for creating Dragons as adversaries for One Ring Games

• Rules for Dwarven artefacts and forging

• Amazing cover art by John Howe

• Two new playable cultures – The iron-clad Dwarves of the Iron Hills and the wandering Dwarves of the Grey Mountains.

Full colour, 112 pages.

The PDF edition comes with the supplement itself plus a separate PDF of the region map detailing Dale and Erebor.

I’ve been following the development of this particular project for some time now. The art and production values are already top of the heap for anything produced in RPGs today, and the passion and depth I see in the world-building is amazing.

An epic fantasy RPG set in a world on fire that’s focused on spectacular storytelling and tactical combo-based combat.

Explore the forgotten remnants of a once Golden Age when mortals rose to challenge gods. Rediscover long forgotten ancient technologies that blur the lines between reality and wonder. Stride atop colossal mechanized machines of war from a bygone era. Embrace the discovery of new and exciting cultures in a scarred landscape full of secrets and hidden beauty.       

In a world that teeters on the brink of apocalypse, become the dim light of hope that shines among a sea of darkness or take advantage of the chaos in the world and make your own mark. Whatever flavour of adventure you choose, you will have to work together to achieve it.

Unity is a tabletop RPG set in an epic fantasy world that’s infused with a dash of arcane powered technology. The game takes place in a realm torn apart by the very same God that created it. His children, the four races of Unity, were punished for their hubris and left for dead. Now they struggle to come together and unite against the grim horrors of a world on fire. 

Mechanically, the game has been designed to blend narrative ease for telling spectacular stories with a robust combat system that facilitates deep and engaging tactical battles. The game emphasizes teamwork and allows players to combine their abilities and develop powerful synergies to overcome challenging encounters. Narrative mechanics are in place to encourage players to paint cinematic scenes alongside the GM and also provide an avenue for deep character development. 

The Core Rulebook will be a beautifully crafted 330+ page hardcover book that will containeverything you need to start playing:  

  • Full Setting Guide
  • Complete Rules System
  • Foes to Fight
  • GM’s Guide

There’s a lot more to learn, so hit the link and check it out.


This is from my buddy David Wilson. This is the first time that I’ve ever done an HPD Pick like this, but I am honored to use my reach to help people in any way I can. Emphasis on key points by me.

My wife’s 15 year old cousin is missing and possibly leaving the state with a 19 year old that I’ve been told has an arrest warrant out on him. I was wondering if I get you to broadcast a missing person flier. You have far more reach than I do and we just want her found. She has been missing since sometime between midnight Saturday and 3 am Sunday. She has several medical conditions and did not take her medicine with her. Police have been notified and are working the case but said that they cannot issue an amber alert until 48 hours have past.

The numbers on the flyer are –

Call Tonya: 502-551-2454

Shelbyville PD: 502-633-2326

Kaitlyn Michelle Ewing Missing

The Forge Studios is one of those houses that regularly produces a ton of quality products to help Game Masters with their world building, and their Great Cities line is fleshing out very nicely. Note that publishers can also use these images for their products.

Great Cities #3 is the new product from The Forge Studios. It is dedicated both for players and publishers.

Each “Great City” comprises of one map of a fantasy city (aviliable as color and b/w map)

Both images (Bw and Color) are:


jpeg 300 dpi.

You can use any of the images from the resource in your commercial or nonprofit projects, however you cannot re-sell them as clip arts.

Any company that uses images from Great Cities #3 must list the name of the artist whose artwork they have used and The Forge Studios company name

Please check the preview!