Curse of the Blue Nile (WoD) – Sean’s Pick, 072716

Five fantastic authors tackle the mysterious and intriguing Mummy part of the World of Darkness in this anthology that’s certain to open eyes and stir imaginations.


An image of rare beauty and terror, fashioned of the unbound portion of an angry, deathless soul. 

A very special child who violates the natural laws of the living and the dead alike. 

An ancient sculpture that opens pathways of glory to anyone who dares possess it. 

An instrument of profound sound and meaning, drawing the ever-hungry to its prescient wave. 


Welcome to the first anthology of original fiction set in the world of Mummy. With Curse of the Blue Nile, the veil draws back to reveal a host of dark glimpses into the power of a single relic… and of the lengths to which the Deathless of lost Irem will go to secure it. 

Each tale is a novella, spooling out the unique nature of the Blue Nile within its encapsulated view of the world’s setting, and each story touches on a different one of the five Arisen guilds: The Alchemists, Laborers, Masons, Priests, and Scribes. Five dark turns at the wheel, helmed by the talented hands of veteran talespinners Lisa Morton, Stefan Petrucha, Malcolm Sheppard, Greg Stolze, and Mercedes M. Yardley. 

Come, join us on a tour of the mysteries of the ancient, blood-soaked world.

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