vs. Ghosts (VsM) – Sean’s Pick, 071416

The release of a certain film’s revived a huge interest in comedy-action-paranormal stuff, and this fun bit of gaming from Fat Goblin Games is a fine example.

Ghost Hunting was never so much fun! Welcome to the exciting world of Vs. Ghosts!

Using the VsM Engine created by Philip Reed!

vs. Ghosts is a roleplaying game in which players suit up to battle strange hauntings in their neighborhoods while dealing with the mundane non-believers that try to prevent you from doing your job. Be it hotels, art museums, or even the classic haunted house, ghosts need busting and to be contained. This book contains everything that you and your friends will need to play. All you need are friends and two decks of normal playing cards!

– Quick Start Rules to get you in the game in a flash!

– Bestiary of strange ghosts and other haunts to hunt!

– Plenty of adventure hooks to get you on your way to Ghost Hunting fame!

So, whom do you call when things go bump in the night? Ghost hunting with vs. Ghosts will make you feel good!

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