Erebor, the Lonely Mountain (The One Ring) – Sean’s Pick, 071316

Can you hear the dwarves singing in Bilbo’s home, lamenting the long absence from their ancestral halls?

Erebor – the Lonely Mountain!

Erebor the Lonely Mountain is a supplement for the award-winning The One Ring Roleplaying Game describing iconic Middle-earth location – The Lonely Mountain, object of Bilbo’s quest and home to the dwarves of Wilderland.

Offering a detailed description of new regions to explore, characters to meet and activities to undertake, Erebor also describes Dale, City of Bells, recently rebuild by King Bard and home to the Bardings.

And much more! This is an invaluable resource for players and gamemasters alike. And with two new playable cultures this is a must-have purchase for all One Ring players.

Erebor – The Lonely Mountain features:

• A comprehensive guide to iconic Middle-earth location The Lonely Mountain, it’s places, characters and things to do.

• A detailed guide to the city of Dale, it’s notable locations and characters and things to do.

• A detailed guide to the surround area around Erebor and Dale

• Rules for creating Dragons as adversaries for One Ring Games

• Rules for Dwarven artefacts and forging

• Amazing cover art by John Howe

• Two new playable cultures – The iron-clad Dwarves of the Iron Hills and the wandering Dwarves of the Grey Mountains.

Full colour, 112 pages.

The PDF edition comes with the supplement itself plus a separate PDF of the region map detailing Dale and Erebor.

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