Kaitlyn Michelle Ewing (15 Y.O.) Missing – Happiness, Peace, and Dreams 071216

This is from my buddy David Wilson. This is the first time that I’ve ever done an HPD Pick like this, but I am honored to use my reach to help people in any way I can. Emphasis on key points by me.

My wife’s 15 year old cousin is missing and possibly leaving the state with a 19 year old that I’ve been told has an arrest warrant out on him. I was wondering if I get you to broadcast a missing person flier. You have far more reach than I do and we just want her found. She has been missing since sometime between midnight Saturday and 3 am Sunday. She has several medical conditions and did not take her medicine with her. Police have been notified and are working the case but said that they cannot issue an amber alert until 48 hours have past.

The numbers on the flyer are –

Call Tonya: 502-551-2454

Shelbyville PD: 502-633-2326

Kaitlyn Michelle Ewing Missing

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