Affiliation Guide: Typhoon (AMP: Year Two) – Sean’s Pick, 062916

My buddy Eloy Lasanta is still cranking out tons of support for all his game lines, including one of the more interesting superhero games to come along in a while. AMP: Year Two continues the ongoing story of what happens when supers emerge in the world, and here’s the latest faction book that fleshes out the very dangerous world.

Affiliation Guide: Typhoon

From the beginning of the AMP phenomenon, the elusive Matriarch and her organization, Typhoon, have ruled the criminal underground with an iron fist. While most know about the contractors and gangs who rule the streets in the name of Typhoon, few know about the true inner workings of the group. Affiliation Guide: Typhoon sheds light on what has been so carefully hidden. 


  • A look at what it means to be in the higher ranks of Typhoon
  • New Character: Kickstarter
  • New Gifts, Drawbacks and even a new Drug: Chillax
  • New Power: Juicer
  • Complete adventure: Due South

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