SavageCast Episode 8 – Ross and I Talk Worldbuilding

Hey, folks! Like I said, I want to start using this thing for more than just the usual Picks. My roommate and Evil Beagle Games partner, Ross Watson and I talk RPG setting world building with Christopher “Savage Bull” Landauer for this latest episode. It was a great discussion. There’s a bunch more they talk about, all related to gaming in general and Pinnacle/Savage Worlds in particular.

Ross Watson of Accursed fame and Shaintar’s Sean Patrick Fannon join us for the first of our World Builders interviews. We’ve been talking about our World Builder interviews since the start of the show so we’re excited to bring you the first in what we hope is a long series delving into the thought process behind bringing you many and varied settings to play in.

SBN Podcast says goodbye after 41 episodes

Fear the Boot celebrates 10 years and over 400 episodes

Savage Bull is now helping with the setting Savage Mommy is currently working on. More info later.

Hit the link for more information and to listen to the podcast.


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