Food Truck Destruction Derby – Sean’s Pick, 053116

It’s the official start of summer for most folks around here, and I had a pretty great extended weekend (hence why no Picks yesterday, for which I apologize, but seriously, I was on holiday!). Let’s start the shorter week with a fun little game about yumminess-dispensing food trucks in total combat with each other! Makes you look at that food truck lineup at Gen Con in a whole new light!

Food Truck Destruction Derby! is a storytelling game about the dangerous and exciting world of modern Food Truck cuisine. You serve customers delicious food and blow up other Food Trucks because you don’t like competition! You might also have to draw some food trucks getting destroyed. If you are are afraid of crayons or food, do not buy this game. A fast-playing story-telling and truck-drawing* game for like 3 to 6 players. Maybe 8 players. Have some time to kill? Why not blow up most of Flagstaff, Arizona with a pasta cannon strapped to a Food Truck. It’s what you have been craving!

*Also missile, bomb, ninja, taco, and hot dog drawing…

“These guys could not have designed a better game!” – Mike Selinker, who totally has

“This sounds dumb…” – Rob Daviau, Waterville, Maine, Dominos’ Pizza Employee of the Month, July 1988; creator of Risk Legacy

“Everybody loves fudge!” – Luke Crane, former employee of the Candy Dungeon; creator of The Burning Wheel & Mouse Guard RPGs

This product contains no gluten, tree nuts, soy products, wheat products, eggs, shellfish, dairy, pork, nutritional value, or any other known allergen or forbidden food. ENJOY AT OWN RISK!

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