Ether RPG, Where Worlds Collide – Kickstarter Pick, 052716

Genre mashups can be messy, unwieldy affairs. They can be messy, gonzo, incredibly fun experiences, as well.

Sometimes, they can be something else entirely – something beautiful and provoking and… different.

The art alone tells me this one is in that last category. Only five days to go, so let’s help them get that initial funding.

A Steam, Diesel & Cyber-Punk Fantasy role-playing game set in a Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia scarred by the war between magic & machinery.

What is Ether Rpg?

Ether Rpg is a roleplaying game built upon the genres of fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk & cyberpunk as well as being supported by post-apocalyptic & dystopic themes.


Ether Rpg primarily focuses on the genre of steampunk (think Howl’s Moving Castle,Dishonored, Van Helsing, or The Time Machine). Steampunk is defined by its alternate view of technological change (or lack thereof) of 19th century Victorian Europe.  Instead of gasoline, steam & retro-futuristic machines which generate power in esoteric ways drive the industrial revolution of the world.

It also utilizes the genre of dieselpunk (think Suckerpunch, Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow, The Rocketeer, or Bioshock).  Dieselpunk is the next stage in evolution of steampunk & is characterized by the sharp & sleek military trappings of the World Wars.

And it takes a nod from the genre of cyberpunk (think Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner,Shadowrun, or Deus Ex). Cyberpunk is often considered the original “punk” genre & focuses on technologically-advanced, although dystopic, futures.

Didn’t you also mention Fantasy?

Absolutely.  In Ether Rpg, players have the capacity to use many of the staples of the fantasy setting (such as magic & alchemy) & the quintessential machines of the various “punk” genres.

Staples?  So, like, elves & such too?

Actually, no.  Ether Rpg might fit into the same genre as other fantasy games, but it strays from many of the classical species found in your typical fantasy RPG.

Instead of the usual fare, players can expect to control shapeshifters, living plants, monstrous descendants, spell eaters & many other unusual beings.

Sweet!  So I can have a magical machine gun right?  Right?

Actually, when magic & machinery mix… things explode.  They’re something like opposite ends of the magnet & work against one another.

Machinery runs on a still-misunderstood energy source, while magic draws its strength from the life-force of its caster.  And not everyone is capable of using one or the other.

The world of Ether Rpg has a particular focus upon the concept of balance & counterbalance. When something comes into being that shouldn’t, something else comes into being to counteract it.

I heard Apocalypse, I know I did!

You really did.  Ether Rpg is set in a period shortly after a war between… you guessed it… magic & machinery.

Residual fractures in reality threaten everyone’s lives.  The planes have spilled into one another. Dimensional creatures run rampant in the wilds.  Cities lie in ruins.

And the rebuilding has just begun…

Where can I read more?

Several of the additional segments right here on the campaign give a brief synopsis!

But, you can also read more about the various genres of Ether Rpg, the setting & all sorts of additional information about the game on Clockwork Angel Studios’ website & YouTube channel.  Just follow the links below.

Ether RPG’s Website

Clockwork Angel Studio’s YouTube Channel

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