DriveThruRPG Supers Sale – Sean’s Pick, 052716

Most of you know how much I love supers gaming. It’s where my career as a writer and designer started. I love running supers games, and I dearly love playing them. So a sale on supers gaming stuff is a special little kind of Christmas for folks like me!

From the “Notes from Scott’s Desk” part of the latest DriveThruRPG Newsletter –

This week, our May Supers Sale launched Wednesday morning. Now, through until the end of the month, get 25% off on a wide assortment of superheroic, supervillainous, and super-fun titles from about 150 publishers, including titles for Fate, Savage Worlds, ICONS, Cypher System, and numerous other popular and unique game systems. 

If Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse have got your blood boiling, maybe now’s the time to pull out a superhero slugfest on your gaming group!

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