Ultimate Scheme – Kickstarter Pick, 052516

Evil Beagle enjoyed working with our friends over at Sasquatch Game Studio on the Primeval Thule for Savage Worlds book, and we’re really looking forward to this wickedly cool board game they’ve got in the works.

Ultimate Scheme is a board game with a not-too-terribly serious theme of evil geniuses, mastermind villains, and world domination!

Ultimate Scheme is a game for 2 to 4 players, in which you are an evil genius or criminal mastermind, taking on the role of a faction such as the Dark Masters of Darkness, Professor Roboto, or the Cult of Tentacly Doom. You direct your minions across the globe to gather resources and complete nefarious schemes such as Build a Freeze Ray or Market Evil Soda. Each scheme earns you progress toward your Ultimate Scheme, your secret victory condition for the game. When you’ve completed your secret Ultimate Scheme, you win the game! 

Back Ultimate Scheme at either the base game level, the Expanded level which includes the Ultimate Scheme expansion: Plan Number B, or even the Deluxe level that includes special custom tokens. Higher reward tiers let you make your own mark on the game, or ship the game in its own aluminum attache case!

We have Customs-Friendly shipping for Ultimate Scheme! Shipping costs are added to your reward level when you select the shipping destination. More shipping details in the Shipping Info section below!

Download the Rulebook from our website!

Here’s the game’s BoardGameGeek Page!

We’re partnering with a top-line game manufacturer to deliver an attractive game made with high-quality components. Your quest for world domination includes:

Game Board: An attractive game board with a linen finish.

Player Pieces; 20 minions (meeples) and control markers, in four colors for up to four players.

Resource Markers: 130+ punch-out resource tokens for your finance, occult, and science resources, as well as your Unobtanium.

Game Cards: 136 poker-sized illustrated game cards, including:

  • 10 Factions
  • 10 Ultimate Schemes
  • 63 Scheme cards
  • 48 Action cards
  • 5 X-factor cards

Rulebook: A full color rulebook to remind you how to take over the world.

Other Stuff: The Ninja token, Anarchy marker, and first player token. Everything else in the box is classified.

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