FAITH: A Garden in Hell – Sean’s Pick, 052416

A fantastic, very deep, gorgeous sci-fi game coming from our wonderfully creative gaming friends in Europe! This one will be done in English and Spanish.

Will you survive in a hostile alien planet? Do you have what it takes to defeat a Ravager Queen? Join us to discover it!

A Garden in Hell gives you a complete pick-up-and-play campaign containing everything you need to roleplay in the Faith Universe right out of the box.

It includes an overhauled ruleset, new gear and equipment cards, a player deck, and most importantly, a 64 page-long campaign that will take you to uncharted territory, right into the ravager’s den.

Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game that allows you to determine your own fate with a card based mechanic, and puts the art on the table to immerse you in your character and the story.

The setting tells stories about inter-species politics, undercover operations, business deals, space exploration, and fighting uncanny enemies. At its core, it’s about finding your true self and following it to the direst of consequences. When you do, one of the five gods will reward you with soulbending powers so that you may forge the destiny of the Universe.


The voice of reason or pure madness? Team-player or self-absorbed? Owner of the Universe’s largest Megacorp or peacekeeper on a forsaken planet? So long as you live up to it, you shall be rewarded.

Faith: A Garden in Hell is a campaign for 2-5 players and 7-12+ sessions. Everything needed to play the game is included in the box. 

Background. The fragile truce between the Iz’kal and the Corvo had been compromised by a series of murderous attacks on remote colonies. Mutually Assured Destruction was days away as both species laid blame on each other… and then the Battle of Izuan Tai shook the groundwork of the known Universe. It was the first big blow the legendary species of the Ravager would deliver to civilisation, but it wouldn’t be the last. A new menace had awoken from a long sleep. 

A Garden in Hell takes place 23 years after the Battle of Izuan Tai, when the rival Iz’Kal and Corvo species joined forces to stop the common threat, forming the Coalition. This entity has now become a “third state” independent of both the Iz’Kal and the Corvo, with emergency powers over all areas threatened by the Ravager. 

On its last military council, the Coalition high command agreed it was time to leave their defensive stand and strike back in full force to capture a Ravager Queen. At first, the attack was a thundering success, but when the injured Ravager Queen entered the Labyrinth only your battleship’s group was able to chase her unscathed deep into Ravager territory…

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