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You wouldn’t think a company with the name of Cheapass would produce something this elegant and inspiring, and yet… James Ernest is a master game designer, and he’s teamed up with the equally talented Patrick Rothfuss to craft this game, based on its appearance in Rothfuss’ A Wise Man’s Fear.

About this project

Tak is the best sort of game: simple in its rules, complex in its strategy. Bredon beat me handily in all five games we played, but I am proud to say that he never beat me the same way twice.” -Kvothe

Tak is a new 2-player strategy game invented by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss. It was introduced in Patrick Rothfuss’ book The Wise Man’s Fear, Day 2 of the Kingkiller Chronicle. 

Tak is a pure abstract game in the same family as chess, go, and mancala. Our goal was to design a new game with a sense of history; a beautiful game with simple rules and deep strategy. And we can’t wait to share it with you!

Tak uses a square board, which can be any size from 3×3 up to 8×8, but the most common sizes are 5×5 and 6×6 (the “Tavern” and “Classic” games).

Each player has several matching pieces, or “stones,” and one special piece called the “Capstone.” The Capstone can be any shape, and the other pieces should be simple, stackable pieces in a matching style.

The board starts empty, and the goal is to build a road (a connected string of your pieces) connecting opposite sides of the board.

On each turn, you will either place a piece in an empty space, or move a stack that you control. Stacks must move in a straight line, dropping pieces as they go, and possibly covering other pieces along the way.

You can play a piece upright. This piece is called a “standing stone,” or “wall.” It can’t be part of a road, but other pieces can’t stack on top of it. 

The Capstone is your power piece. It can be part of a road, it can’t be stacked on, and it can also flatten standing stones.

You can read the complete rules at our Tak information page. There’s a how to play video here. You can also watch Patrick and James discuss the development of the game (and watch them play it) in this video from Emerald City Comic Con

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