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From my friend, Hel McGee, comes this request to help a friend in need –

“A good friend of mine, Amber, needs help paying rent and groceries this summer. She’s taking a full load of classes, but there’s no student loans for summer, of course. And she can’t work or she loses her medicaid, even if anything was hiring, which nothing is. She had a gofundme for last summer, having faced the same problem then. It never made much, but is still up.”

Hi! I’m Amber. You’ve probably seen me before here on GoFundMe, but I’m asking for help again.  

I just graduated from community college, but I have one last class to take this summer, which came out of my pocket.  I also have the cost for a book, which is more than I can afford right now.  I also have an enrollment fee from the school I will be  attending this fall that isn’t covered by my financial aid.  

I’m just asking for help to cover my summer expenses. I am unable to find a job right at this time, and I’m dealing with some lingering health issues that make working and going to school together difficult.  I do live with my mother, helping her, but her disability income is barely enough to cover herself and her bills, let alone help me at all. 

In the fall, I’ll be attending a four year college to get my bachelors degree. Please consider sponsoring me so that I can work on making a better future for myself. Please share and donate as you see fit.

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