Noirlandia – Kickstarter Pick, 042516

A game where you help create a city, then conduct an investigation in classic noir detective style? Yeah, there’s a lot of really neat concepts here. Make sure to hit the link to read up on the whole thing, as I only included part of what they’re talking about below.

Noirlandia is a tabletop RPG about a tangled murder mystery in a bizarre, corrupt city of your own design.

A strange city. A vicious crime. And one chance to find the answers.

The leads were laid out like flattened tombstones. A few lengths of yarn drew lines of connection. Maybe we were getting closer to an answer. Or maybe it was a vain attempt to find reason behind brutality.

Noirlandia is about a tangled murder mystery in a fantastic city. It’s a collaborative, one-shot roleplaying game inspired by Questlandia’s worldbuilding and narrative resolution systems. You’ll create a murder mystery from scratch, reveal the corrupt forces lurking in the shadows of your city, and follow the investigation to its terrible conclusion.

Your characters will fight for answers and question their principles. After 3-4 hours, you’ll have either found the truth, or lost the chance forever.

Noirlandia doesn’t have a game master, so nobody knows the answers in advance—your mystery will be created and solved at the table.

Finding the answers doesn’t mean you win. Dying doesn’t mean you lose. It’s not about justice, it’s about what you’re willing to give up to get it. It’s just another day in Noirlandia…

They found his body at the end of the docks, bathed in the glow of the twin moons.

Noirlandia’s city-building process is guided by a mix of player imagination and randomizers. A roll of the die will tell you what corrupts your city: maybe apathy, isolation, technology, orpride.

Then, you’ll work together to answer questions like, How are the people in this city unlike us? What do the buildings look like? How did the corruption take hold?

Every city in Noirlandia has four major districts: the Outskirts, the Upper Crust, Downtown, and Skid Row. You’ll design the various structures that define your city’s districts, deciding what buildings loom over the downtown center, or where the people live in skid row. For example, you might have “Kodachrome HQ” for downtown, “Painters’ Alley” for skid row, “The Docks” for the outskirts, and “Hanging Gardens” for the upper crust.

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  1. Shawn April 25, 2016 10:01 pm  Reply

    Sean, please stop linking to awesome-looking Kickstarter campaigns. My bank account can only take so much.

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