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I got the following from the folks at Frog God Games

Chuck went into the hospital for emergency surgery on Saturday morning. He is currently in recovery and he needs our help to raise the money necessary to aid in his long term physical therapy. Chuck is not only the layout director for Frog God Games, he is also a father, Gulf War Veteran, gamer, and a genuinely good person. Please help in what ever way you can, but especially by sharing this link throughout the RPG community:

Another one of our own in need, friends.

It is with great worry and sadness that I share the news that our friend and our art/layout director at Frog God Games is in surgery today to remove all or part of his foot as a result of complications from diabetes.

Chuck is a Gulf War veteran who lives outside of Tampa FL. The Veterans Administration hospital in Tampa is his only health insurance.  He currently lives over an hour from this hospital. He has no options for care closer to his home.

When he gets out of the hospital, he will urgently need personal help (care and food), transportation to and from physical therapy, and income to support him until he is able to work again.  It’s possible he may not be able to function in his current living space, so he will need financial help obtaining a handicapped accessible apartment and moving. 

He is scared and alone right now.  We hope everyone in the RPG community reaches out to him with love and supports this appeal. Money won’t cure his diabetes or get his foot back, but it could keep him in a home and cared for during rehabilitation from the amputation. 

Please help Chuck by donating generously to this fund.

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