Background Noise – Sean’s Pick, 042516

Occasionally, when I make one of my semi-frequent calls for suggestions of Picks, I get something linked to me that is a callback to a product that was put up for sale a while ago. This is one of those “In Case You Missed It” products, an extremely handy tool to help folks flesh out their fantasy characters’ backgrounds. While there are those for whom crafting the background is a personal work of art, many other players might appreciate a system that helps guide them through a quick-and-easy character history that is nonetheless compelling and fun to play off of. GMs, too, will appreciate a tool that helps them quickly flesh out that support character or other NPC they weren’t expecting to need until just five minutes ago.

Breathe life into your character

Another product in our line of generic supplements, this one allows you to randomly generate a background for any fantasy character. By walking through a series of tables, you will determine:

  • Where the character grew up
  • Who he lived with
  • What his parents did
  • How many siblings he had
  • Any family legacy
  • Events in the character’s childhood
  • Events in the character’s adult life
  • The most significant personality traits of the character
  • and much much more…

With 40 tables and hundreds of options, there are millions of possible combinations, making sure that no two character’s backgrounds are exactly alike.

So add some Background Noise to your character, he’ll thank you for it.

Check out the demo here.

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