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My friend Bryan Botz sent this along for one of the folks in his gaming group. I’ll let him explain –

I know you have been doing the pass it forwards on the GoFundMes and I have a friend that could use our help. I literally just got this in. Jami is a member of my gaming group and she has been battling Ulcerative Colitis. She is on disability and insurance has denied her. So in waiting for other forms of assistance like housing and Social Security to be finalized she is now at risk of losing her apartment. It is a small amount needed but I’m sure with the great community we have that some folks can help pitch in or boost the signal even better. If you would prefer I sent this via email just let me know and I can do that. Thanks again Big Irish!

One of our own, facing serious challenges that many of us barely dodge by the skin of our teeth. I’ve been there. Many of you have, too.

Greetings Dear Reader,

      My name is Jami and I’ve come to GoFundMe seeking help. For the past year I have been battling a flare up of the illness Ulcerative Colitis. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it or other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Ulcerative Colitis effects the large intestine causing swelling, bleeding, ulcers, and severe diarrhea. There are other effects of the illness that impact the body such as chronic fatigue, joint inflammation and pain, malnourishment, and anemia. As I’m sure you can tell by this brief description the illness can be very hard to cope with which is why for the past year I have been on medical leave from my job to try and get the disease back into remission.

      Due to this struggle, I have burned through the benefits of my disability insurance and have emptied my savings trying to keep a roof over mine and my cat Nibbler’s heads. I face an eviction at the end of this month due to this lack of incoming cash, and depletion of savings. This is why I am asking you, the kind people of the world, for help. My goal amount of $1,300 is the amount of money it would take to pay my rent for the next three months. During this time I’ll be having one, if not more changes in medication, hopefully see some improvement in my condition, and will hopefully have my application for Social Security processed and approved which would return me to a state of self-sufficiency and stability. I do not have the option to move in with any relatives because I do not have any family living in the area and the cost to relocate across country would be much higher than the help I am asking for in both money and medical care as finding and establishing care with specialists can be very difficult.

       I am very appreciative of any assistance readers of this page are willing to give, even if all you can do is spread this to the people you know. I would not be asking for help if I were able to pull this situation together on my own. And while this is a personal request for assistance I will certainly pay the good karma forward to others in need once I have regained my footing. Being kind and generous to others is the best and only gift I can give to the world.

Thank you,

Jami Bezy

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