DC Gear-Up! (Dark Conspiracy) – Sean’s Pick, 042016

Fans of Dark Conspiracy (specifically the First Edition) will be thrilled to see this release, written by my buddy, Paul Riegel-Green.

For Dark Conspiracy: Gear Up!

Equipment for Dark Conspiracy

The Shop. The one that friends talk about, the one just outside Dreamland. The one that always seems to have just what you need. This is the detailed description of The Shop and its contents.

The shop’s contents is cataloged in 106 pages of text and 32 pages of index across thirty-two categories, including: Armor, Clothing, Black Bag Equipment, Communications Gear, Computers, Courier Gear, Camping Gear, Climbing Gear, Hunting Gear, Snow Gear, Survival Gear, Water and Underwater Gear, Fuel, Hazardous Duty, Kits, Light / Illumination, Lodging / Food / Alcohol, Luggage, Manuals and Books, Medical, Miscellaneous, Non Lethal Weapons, Optics, Police Gear, Security, Services, Sports Equipment, Surveillance, Tools,  Weapons Accessories.

For Dark Conspiracy, First Edition.

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