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Here’s a huge project for fans of the Cthulhu Mythos and the Pathfinder game!

The definitive guide by Sandy Petersen. New rules and over 100 monsters for the Cthulhu Mythos plus tons of 28mm scale miniatures.

Sandy Petersen is the undisputed authority on the Cthulhu Mythos in games as the author of the groundbreaking game Call of Cthulhu, the first game ever to bring HP Lovecraft’s work to the gaming world.

He now proudly presents Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder, by Petersen Games. This is the definitive and ultimate guide to bringing Lovecraft to the high fantasy sword and sorcery worlds played using the Pathfinder rule system.

Your band of heroes can now fight (and maybe even defeat) monstrous horrors and bizarre, inhumanly advanced races in adventures featuring these unique entities, their magics, and the alien technologies accurately portrayed from Lovecraftian works!


  • A bestiary with over 100 entries, almost half never before seen in a Pathfinder book before.  
  • Over 25 Mythos Entities: Creatures in the Pathfinder Bestiaries I-V now authoritatively revised & updated in this book. Additionally, the original entries as found in the Bestiaries I-V are also included for easy reference and comparison. 
  • Over 50 NEW Mythos Entries: Creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos that have never before been published in any Pathfinder Bestiary.
  • Over 40 ‘Unusual Suspects’: Creatures that could (and maybe should) be in the Cthulhu Mythos, found in the pages of the current Pathfinder Bestiaries. Some have been updated to reflect our new rules. 
  • Adventures: Plot Hooks and Campaign starters by Sandy Petersen and others. 
  • How to run horror in a heroic sword and sorcery setting by Sandy Petersen.

Mark Rein-Hagen was arguably one of the most impactful and noted (notorious?) game designers and writers of the 90s, a leading force with the launch of Vampire: the Masquerade and the World of Darkness revolution. He left game design for a long while, but he’s back and bringing the style and innovation he’s known for with this new effort. The link is for the bundle for the entire set of game elements.

Alive or Dead? Open for debate.

Decaying. Lost. Ravenous.

On the fast lane to the Road to Perdition.

Think you’ve got problems? Try this half-life on for size.

WARNING! Read at your own risk.

If you’re still human, STOP! This book is not for you. Walk away before you know too much. What has been seen cannot be unseen. You can’t go back: you’ll never forget the ghastly truth.

There are thousands of curious BREATHER folk like you who just couldn’t help themselves and who now fill the asylums. (“Psychiatric Internment,” they call it.) We’re not so bad, but BLEACH stops at nothing to protect its massive cover-up and conspiracy.

If you’re a breather and STILL reading, then know this and know this good: You can be infected just by HANDLING the book. The only semi-SAFE way to read this material is to download the PDF. But there is a danger to just reading this stuff, it can put you on Watch List for one thing. Downloading this over a safe connection using a throwaway e-mail address is the only chance you won’t get tagged.

But, never mind. You don’t tell the cow about hamburgers. Consider it a kindness. You’re either one of them, one of us, or you’re lunchmeat.

This is the point of no return. We’ve done our best to wave you away. What happens after this is all on you. Your belief in a just, compassionate, and ordered universe is one of the lies you tell yourself to pretend that…


I AM ZOMBIE is Mark Rein-Hagen’s first new roleplaying game in years, and the first to run on his in-house design engine, the Axiom System.

Played exclusively with cards, dice, and tokens, I AM ZOMBIE replaces the traditional character sheet with hands of ID cards. Each ID card adds special skills and abilities to your character, and the more powerful you become, the more ID cards you can have in your hand at one time!

The two core decks for I AM ZOMBIE are the Core Humans deck and the Core Toxic deck. Each deck contains 54 unique ID cards, each bearing both a “Warm” side, for when you’re normal and healthy, and a “Cold” side, for when the virus takes hold and you really Skag-out!

Happiness, Peace, and Dreams is about a lot of things. Helping people through hard times, making dreams come true, or just bringing some more happiness into the world. Here’s something that made Chris Hussey (of Fear the Boot fame, among other activities) put together this awesome short film featuring his old Star Wars action figures!

From Chris –

Happy to send you a suggestion. It’s a short film I made. This isn’t a Fear the Boot production – just something I did on my own (much like the Gamers Behaving Badly audio comedy show).

Anyway, the film is called “It Figures: Episode I – The Parental Menace.”

Basic synopsis:
What do your Star Wars action figures do in their freetime? Play role-playing games of course. In this episode, Luke & Leia’s father expresses concern over his kids’ hobby, so they invite him to sit in on a tabletop RPG session.

It features voice acting from people involved with the ‘Gamerstable‘ RPG podcast as well as the ‘Campaign‘ RPG podcast.

Not sure which category this would fit in, as it’s not a direct gaming product or a kickstarter. Perhaps “Happiness?” It made me happy producing it.

My buddy Matt Forbeck pointed this one out, and it looks like a lot of fun! Best act fast, as it’s only got 21 hours left as of this posting.

A fast paced card game for people who like to play god, build hybrid cat monsters and add flamethrowers to space dragons.

The Basics: Build monsters and use them attack your opponents Labs in order to collect valuable specimens to win the game. Wreak havoc on your opponents with powerful actions and item cards while avoiding the monster hunters that keep reappearing and trying to destroy your Lab. The first Lab to collect 5 Monsters wins! Or claim victory by destroying all your mad scientist rivals and be the last Lab standing!


Created by Liam McIntyre (from TVs Spartacus and The Flash) and illustrated by Cris Olansamuelle (Draw Them All), Monster Lab is a card game about channeling your inner Mad Scientist to create incredible, wild and crazy creatures out of Spare Parts, and use them to battle your way past rival Labs to victory. It’s part Munchkin, part Exploding Kittens and partEpic Spell Wars, but with a Madcap Monster Method all of its own. It’s perfect for 2-6 players, and each game lasts about an hour.

To play, you draw cards to collect Spare Parts that you then fit together to make one of thousands of weird and wonderful Monster combinations that help you protect your Lab and battle your rivals. You can also draw Lab Cards that give you special bonuses like the Pig O’ Nine Tails, a Bat to the Face or a Shiny Monster Butt that help you and hurt your opponents. You attack your Rivals to steal their Monsters and destroy their Defenses, while trying to protect your Lab to make sure you don’t get Run Out Of Town (and out of the game) by Monster hating Monster Hunters hiding in the deck or your opponents out for revenge. The game keeps heating up Monster Hunters keep returning to the deck, so the longer you play, the more they’ll appear and the more damage they’ll do.

More and more 5e-driven stuff is pouring out, now that WotC‘s finally given folks an updated set of rules to work with (not game rules, but the rules of doing compatible product). Here’s a sci-fi/fantasy mashup from Dias Ex Machina Games, updated to the 5e rules.

Which side will you choose? Which weapons will you wield? Earth is torn between the order of science and the chaos of fantasy. These two worlds cannot mix. Venture into lands once claimed by skyscrapers and factories, now overrun by elves, goblins, and dragons. Choose your path and commit to the quest. Monsters will hunt you; machines will track you. No gods will help you; no prophecies will choose you. The fate of the world rests with you.

This rulebook includes…

–A new adaptation of Amethyst based on the 5th edition (5E) of the first fantasy roleplaying game, the defining RPG of the last, current, and most likely next generation.

–New technology-based rules including vehicle combat and firearms compatible with any 5E game.

–Eleven new races and over thirty new backgrounds.

–Eight new classes based around technology. Over thirty new archetypes.

–High Tech Equipment from revolves to railcannons. Powered armor. Both ground vehicles and aircraft.

–Over thirty new monsters.

From my friend, Christine Anderson – I’m participating in the Pittsburgh Walk to raise money for the National MS Society.  Both of my sisters have MS, which has had a major impact on their lives.  My middle sister, Susan, has memory issues, balance issues, fatigue, and vision issues.  My youngest sister, Mary Kay,  is having progressive difficulty with her legs and ability to walk.  My grandmother, who passed away a few years ago, also had MS.  The National MS Society is not only searching for a cure and more effective treatment, it also offers many programs to support those with MS.

From the page –

Why I Participate:
Both my sisters have MS.  I have seen first hand the profound impact it has had on their lives, particularly my middle sister.  The need to find effective treatment for this disease is enough to inspire my couch potato inactive self to commit to participating in a walkathon.

About MS
Multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system, interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with at least two to three times more women than men being diagnosed with the disease. MS affects more than 2.3 million worldwide.

Please support me!

Seriously.  If you know me, you know my total lack of enthusiasm for walking any distance.  To help end MS, I’m willing to hike around Pittsburgh, so how about donating a couple of bucks for finding a cure for MS. Any amount will help and be much appreciated. 

Your gift helps provide life-changing programs and services for people affected by MS, and cutting-edge research. Your donation puts us closer to realizing our promise to STOP MS in its tracks, RESTORE lost function and END MS forever. Ending MS means no one will receive an MS diagnosis again.

Every step matters. Every dollar counts. Every person makes a difference.

My dear friend, Shawn Gore, is a huge fan of the TerraTiles terrain system, and for good reason. Here’s their latest set!

A 3-in-1 Tabletop Terrain System for Miniature Games, Wargames, and RPGs – features a winter tundra, war-torn wasteland, and cavern.

TerraTiles is a modular, tabletop terrain system that transforms your table into a dramatic and exciting gaming environment. The Tundras & Wastelands boxed set features three unique environments for your battles: a harsh but beautiful winter tundra with its first snows, a chaoticwasteland depicting a bleak and war-torn environment, and an eerie cavern that features winding passageways to create underground labyrinths.

  • Large 9 inch tiles make setting up a map quick and easy.
  • Hundreds of gamers gave us feedback on the development of this set, making it the terrain that you want.
  • The tiles fit together in any orientation, giving you maximum versatility in your setups.
  • TerraTiles is compatible with any game, genre, or scale.

I am very proud and pleased that Evil Beagle Games was chosen to partner with Sasquatch Game Studio to bring you all the official Savage Worlds version of this epic swords-and-sorcery setting. My partner Ross Watson did the lion’s share of the work on this, though I was pleased to have a small hand in things as well (including a random magic items table that should prove useful to anyone running a magic-oriented SW game).

Primeval Thule is a sword-and-sorcery campaign setting now redesigned for Savage Worlds in conjunction with Ross Watson and Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle Games! (For other game systems, go back to our publisher page and select the version you want.)

Welcome to Thule, a primordial land of fierce barbarians, elder horrors, and savage wilderness. In this ancient age, humankind is a young race, newly arisen on a monster-haunted Earth. Cities of cruel spledor lie scattered across the great lands of the north like a handful of gems strewn from a dead thief’s hand.

This is a doomed age, a time of great deeds and inhuman terror destined to be lost and forgotten beneath the numbing cloak of endless winter. But for one glittering moment, Thule lives—and it is a fierce, cruel, splendid, and marvelous moment indeed.

This 272-page tome provides you everything you need to introduce the world of Thule to your Savage Worlds game. Inside, you will find:

  • A new character race, the Atlanteans;
  • 19 heroic narratives such as free blade, ice reaver, and star-lore adept;
  • Over 50 new beasts, monsters, and villains to challenge your players;
  • 3 ready-to-play adventures to begin your campaign;
  • A detailed description of Quodeth, City of Thieves, the perfect home for bold heroes;
  • Six player referece cards, each detailing a different region to help flesh out character backgrounds;
  • And a whole continent of savage adventure to explore (map included)!

This is from my friend, Laura Haywood-Cory, about a mutual friend from when I lived in the Raleigh, NC area. So Triangle folks, especially, this is a chance to help one of your own.

From Laura –

Hey Sean,

I don’t know if this exactly fits in with your “Making Dreams Happen” push, but I’m sending it along anyway.

Do you remember Betty Adorno of Raleigh Creative Costumes? RCC had to close its doors a few years ago and Betty has, like a lot of us, been struggling. Now her mom has pancreatic cancer and it’s terminal. Betty and her sister are raising money to care for their mom, and for travel expenses so Betty and her niece and nephew can travel to NY to be with her.

From the site

My mother Laura Mata has been battling pancreatic cancer for two and half years. The cancer has gotten to the point where there is no more treating it.  Betsy and I are now between a rock and a hard place.  Medicare only gives us 3 hours of nursing care 5 days a week. And Medicaid which covers long term will no longer give us care because my mother is now considered hospice.  We could go back and apply for long term but that could take up to 2 months. Of course then that would leave us with no in home help.  Either one of us of both us taking turns may have to take time off of work to care for her. We want her at home with the best quality of life she can have for the time she has left.  That mean we are going to need help with expenses.  Beyond medical expenses we have to figure travel expenses for me and the money we are both going to lose to have to take care of her. Both our budgets are tight and we need to work make ends meet.  People have already given us so much that is difficult to ask for more help but at this point we really don’t know what else to do.  If you can donate a little something every little bit helps. Thank you.

This one is a surprise hit that a lot of folks are talking about. It’s from Sine Nomine Publishing, and they do serious quality work!

Your name is a Word of Creation. Your will is the shadow of God on Earth. Wield the fire of fallen Heaven in this new tabletop RPG.

Godbound is a tabletop role-playing game of newborn divinities awakening to unimaginable power. These men and women find themselves bound to the Words of Creation, the primal powers of a fallen cosmos where the Throne of God stands empty.

The world is shattered, its scattered realms racked by the aftershocks of the Last War and the final terrible struggle of the Made Gods who strove to replace the vanished Creator. Some realms have been reduced to nothing more than blasted wastelands and silent bones, while others still endure in faded splendor and growing hardship. Their natural laws flicker, for the great engines of Heaven have begun to fail from lack of care. Their angelic guardians were long ago dispersed by the Made Gods and now nurse a bitter hatred of humanity’s usurpation.

There are heroes still, and shining cities, and peaceful villages where a son may grow old in his father’s trade, but these things darken with each new year’s passage. The world winds down by slow inches. Into this twilight age have come the Godbound. Some say that it is the decaying husks of the Made Gods that give them their power, gobbets of divinity falling like rot to congeal about the souls of humankind. Others believe that it is the work of the Creator, reaching out from Their silence to touch Their creations with new light. Most do not pretend to know why it is that a common peasant girl should ignite with the sun’s own brilliance, or a grizzled old soldier should suddenly find half an army falling before his notched blade.

The Godbound bring hope and terror in equal measure. Even the freshly-awakened among them have incredible powers, able to hurl thunderbolts like lesser men throw stones, or spit curses that kill five generations of their enemy’s kin. They are burnt to ashes, and rise anew. They are buried under hillsides, and shout the stones apart. They sing up gold from barren earth or pour out an autumn harvest from their saddlebags. They work miracles, and men tremble.

Yet they are men and women, with the dreams that men and women dream. Some are saviors, determined to lift their people from their hardships and lead them to a better day. Others are mercenaries, lending their aid to whatever lord or sorcerer-prince can pay them in suitable coin. And some, of course, are blind fools who wield their powers with the recklessness of children, building their dreams on the bones of the poor mortals around them. There are few who can gainsay a Godbound’s will.

Even so, such terrible powers do exist. In the wilderness the wretched parasite gods swell on stolen celestial power, sucking the world’s blood from its wounds. Grim eldritch adepts plumb nameless secrets and forge pacts with the monstrous Uncreated for power enough to tax even a divinity. Hulking Misbegotten shamble from the darkness and bring their numberless spawn behind them. These and other foes can force a Godbound to flee or perish if the newborn wielder of the Words hasn’t the help of a faithful pantheon of allies.

The heroes of Godbound are hurled into a world unprepared for their coming. They will shake the pillars of fallen Heaven and scar the thrones of the kings of earth. Some will seek adventure, others the pleasures of rule, and a few no more than the small and homely things that fate would conspire to deny them. Yet what they will find, in the end, only you can say.

What Does Godbound Offer?

Godbound is a tabletop role-playing game from Sine Nomine Publishing built specifically to support the tremendous deeds and realm-changing ambitions of demigod PCs. Forget zero-to-hero; characters in Godbound start off as legendary powers. From the very first game session they have the gifts and abilities necessary to fulfill their role as throne-shaking wild cards in a world that is slowly crumbling around them.

Yet this support isn’t just for the players. Godbound is built in the classic Sine Nomine Publishing style, fabricated from the very start with the tools, techniques, and resources a GM needs to actually support demigod PCs and their doings. Godbound doesn’t leave you alone to guess at the sort of things these heroes might be challenged by, or invite you to handwave the results of their deeds and ambitions. It gives you solid mechanics and clear tools to make a GM’s job a pleasure rather than a grim test of ingenuity.

Godbound’s mechanics are inspired by the classic old-school role-playing games of the early eighties, streamlined in ways informed by more modern design trends. While the single core book contains everything you need to play a campaign, you can also pull in content from these other old-school games and slot it swiftly into your campaign. You won’t run out of content for your far-faring heroes when you can draw from forty years worth of creative effort to flesh out your campaign world or divert your players.

Even those GMs who don’t actually want to use the mechanics that Godbound provides can get value from the book. The faction system that handles PC interaction with kingdoms and cabals and the change-creating system that manages their efforts to induce large-scale alterations in a place are both easily lifted and exported to other gaming systems. There are dozens of pages of GM tools for building noble courts, perilous ruins, or interesting obstacles to a goal, all system-neutral as well, and all meant to be slipped in conveniently into almost any fantasy role-playing game.

While I’m proud of the playability and flexibility of Godbound, I recognize that some GMs will want to use other systems with the tools I provide. In the traditional Sine Nomine Publishing fashion, I’ve made a point of building the book so it’s still useful to people who prefer to use other systems, and still gives them their money’s worth in resources and toolkits.

The funds raised with this Kickstarter will support the creation of a free PDF version ofGodbound containing everything necessary to play the game, much as I have done with my award-winning Stars Without Number sci-fi RPG. This free version will help ensure that you have an easy time picking up additional players for your table. Beyond this, there will be an additional deluxe version that backers will receive as part of their pledge. In this deluxe edition are about 40 more pages of content, including:

  • Rules for creating mortal PCs, both common men and women struggling to survive and those heroes who can threaten even the Godbound.
  • Guidelines for the theotechnical cyberware of the Bright Republic and the enchanted clockwork augmentations of Vissio.
  • The terrible godwalkers of the Last War and the rules for building and running these titanic humanoid engines of sorcerous war.
  • The dread Witch-Queens of the Ulstang Skerries and their draugr thralls, both as opponents for your Godbound PCs and examples of how to create major enemies.
  • The True Strifes, divine martial arts patterned on the primordial conflicts of nature and passion. A half-dozen styles are described for the use of PCs and enemies, with each style trimmed with a premade NPC nemesis for easy campaign use.
  • Rules for building divine Paradises as citadels and soul-refuges for the Godbound and their worshipers. Defend your heavens against the machinations of your immortal foes!
  • Themed Godbound, for campaigns and settings that have particular flavors and styles to individual types of Godbound. These rules help you build your own types for your campaign, or use pre-made varieties for heroic paragons of human capability, primordial shapeshifters, refugees from hostile destinies, or elemental scions.