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This just happened a couple of days ago, and is still very raw for a lot of us. Logan Masterson was a friend a colleague who succumbed to depression in the worst way just two days ago. A respected author and creator, Logan leaves a grieving wife behind, and this is a way to help her past the debts and mundane difficulties of his passing even as she deals with the emotional pain we cannot take away from her.

Logan L. Masterson was an author, husband, and a rock to his friends. He was also a man tortured by inner demons and on March 29, 2016 he lost his battle with depression.

While we can no longer help Logan, this fund has been set up to help the wife he left behind. Jennifer Masterson needs our help to cover the necessary expenses and the debts he left behind. 

Please donate what you can to help. Any amount will be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you.

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