Watchmen of Destiny – Kickstarter Pick, 033016

Strong game play? Check. Intense squee factor from the art? Check. This one will wind up being a table favorite.

Assembly a great army of watchmen & protect the Tree of Destiny. Use special abilities & make tough choices. Card game for 2-5 players.

Have you ever dreamed to be a commander of an army? Now’s your chance! Watchmen of Destiny is an intriguing card game where you become the leader of your own army made out of warriors, assassins, mages, hunters, and ninjas. Each of these classes has a different ability that you can use during the game. As a commander of an army, you will have magical and non-magical items at your disposal. There are different strategies that can lead you to the triumphant end.

“It is a neat game, it’s definitely fun, it’s definitely solid, its core is driven by hand management system… If you love absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous, cute, charming, lovely artwork and you like good meaty card games with tough, tense decisions… then Watchmen of Destiny might be a good fit for you.” – Rahdo Runs Through

“The artwork is very well done, cute and fun. The game is very easy to learn, it’s about hand management and I really enjoyed playing it.” – Bearded Meeple.

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