Shaintar Guidebook: Galea (SW) – Sean’s Pick, 032916

Another in the cavalcade of Shaintar Guidebooks is out today, friends, and this one covers the kingdom I first created for this world I still love dearly.

Galea – The Shining Beacon of Shaintar!

Welcome to one of the most progressive kingdoms in Shaintar – and perhaps the most important, given how it came to be.  Galea is considered the reason that the rest of the Southern Kingdoms and the Freelands exist today.  You’ll learn that the people who live here believe that anyone can rise to any station as long as they have the talent and honor to do so. 

Founded by refugees who broke away from the power of the Kal-A-Nar Empire and Malakar Dominion, these are a proud and independent lot, though not as stubborn as might be found in the Freelands. Women own property, run businesses and rule right alongside the men.  In fact, Galea has been ruled by a woman more than once and when the current King’s parents held the High Throne, the King considered his Queen his best advisor.  Walk the streets of a local town and learn of its history with the Silver Unicorn and the traditions that have come to be.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to create a character or NPC from Galea including some new edges and gear.

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